Wednesday, 24 September 2014

BREAKING: Internet Freethinker Bewildered By Dual Spoolpidgin Posts, Elects To Misquote For Simplicity

"This is what SF writer James Worrad describes on his blog as the"genre's Caucasian bloat." I find it sad Worrad considers the NBA and hip-hop culture guilty of black bloat, or that there may be Jewish bloat, or female bloat, or gay bloat, or that there is such a thing as ethnic bloat. That was a sad refrain in beer gardens in the 1920s as I recall. A strange view for a man who accuses another author of being "racially insulting." Right after that Worrad then weirdly insults himself by writing "if you say something racist but don't SAY it's racist the PC brigade can't touch you." Of course, for the self-insult to work, I'm assuming Worrad thinks of himself as not being a racist. If he thinks he is a racist, then it's all fine... or something."

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