Thursday, 3 April 2014


Eagerly anticipated anthology NOIR, courtesy of the wonderful Newcon Press (and featuring my story 'Silent In Her Vastness') is now available from Amazon and Spacewitch (I'd go for the latter: support the little guy!). Featuring the likes of Adam Roberts, Alex Dally MacFarlane, Paul Graham Raven, Donna Scott and Simon Kurt Unsworth and many, many more, it is to contemporary speculative fiction what mighty Poseidon is to the seas!

Also, you can get it's twin sister La Femme. Get both and you will be a monarch amid your peers. Trust me on this.

(Here's the full running order for both plus musings about my story)


  1. Who's been eagerly anticipating this then? You, so you can wank all over it on your titting blog? You sicken me.

    (should you be experiencing an elevated ego or sense of self-esteem due to recent success, and are concerned that you have been left ill-prepared for the inevitable kick in the teeth reality has saved up for you, then contact Spool Pidgin today. We will put you in contact with Dollartooth who will regularly abuse you personally and sneer at your achievements, thereby leaving you balanced and ready for the 47 varieties of bullshit you just know are around the corner...

    1. Dollartooth: he's tough but he's fair. And relatively inexpensive.