Saturday, 29 March 2014

British Multiculturalism: An Arrogant Proposal

Just had an anger-inducing phone call that's led to a 

brainstorm. A fellow midnight man from Birmingham called 

about work stuff then we talked about the job. He said the 

Asian community were trouble and when I called him on it he 


"Well that's Leicester ain't it? No offence mayte, but everyone 

knows you've let 'em walk over yow, isn't it?"

Before I thought I said, politely:

"No, it's that Birmingham's shit at multiculturalism. Sorry but 

that's a fact, mate. You're third division."

And here's where it gets interesting. The guy immediately 

started DEFENDING Brumie multiculture. A complete 180!

So here's my brainstorm moment: make multiculturalism like 

Premier League football. Framed like that, bigoted numbskulls 

start defending their hometown's diversity. Britain's city state 

tribal mentality is, it would appear, far stronger than its ethnic 

nationalism. If the government were to adopt this strategy 

UKIP and the EDL would sink overnight.

We can implement this overnight if we, the citizens of 

Leicester, start swaggering around like arrogant shits telling 

everyone we're the best at it (become the multi-culti equivalent 

of Man Utd, basically).

And, let's face it, everyone else 

IS shite 

compared to us.

(See? Got the ball rolling, there...)


  1. We're the best hand's down in Leicester. I'm not being funny right, I'm not being funny, but every big influx from the sixties onwards we've been there mate.
    What's that mate? What's that? I've got two words for yer pal - MELTON ROAD. Oh yeah, I went there.
    You're not singing any more, you're not singing any more....