Sunday, 2 February 2014

Tweet Your Brains Interview Special: Ben Atheism

Public Intellectual Ben 'Ban' Atheism agreed to do an interview with Spool Pidgin. However, true to his belief in discourse being held within the agora of the public eye, Ben stipulated the interview had to take place on his beloved Twitter where he's well-regarded. True to his reputation, Ben began the interview in his signature forthright style...

Thanks, Dave. And thanks, Ben!

@BanAtheism Facts!!!

* @BanAtheism claims he's never grasped the concept of gas. "I don't get what people are fussing about:  there's liquid, there's solid. End of story. I'm not impressed with all these stories one hears..."

* Watch out for a young @BanAtheism's walk-on part in BBC sitcom series 'The Good Life'! It's in episode four of series one ("Blink and you'll miss me!" he tells Spool Pidgin). He's the London Council planning permission operative who calls Tom a 'Shit-sucking C*nt-mind'.

*@BanAtheism fell in love with a Star-ship Trooper.

*Facebook removed @BanAtheism's page due to disrespectful clothing:  a snorkel and a sarong!  "How can it be sarong when it feels s'rite? I asked them," @BanAtheism quips.  "They didn't get the joke..."

*Vital statistics:  Born 1961. Married to Belshazzar Shropshire (Actress, dachshund). No known bladder.  


  1. I have Asperger's, so my social skills aren't the best, but I thought "dude" was a more socially acceptable phrase than "shit sucking cretin." You learn something new every day, I guess.

  2. And I thought JK was an animist.

    1. It's Chris, by the way. I just realised I could log in here via my LJ, and I thought that was hilarious.

    2. Well that'll explain JK's collection of hats. Maybe. (Liking your LJ, BTW, chap).

  3. A terrier wrapped in tin foil...
    ...is Robot wars still on the telly? You can see where I'm going with this.