Sunday, 12 August 2012

Midnight Thoughts: Now the Olympics are over.

Amongst all this Olympics jollity has anyone even considered the possibility of Crack-sharks?

SHARKS addicted to crack, yeh? Shit...

I mean, ALL it would take would be a drug boat having to throw its cargo overboard and a single basking shark eager to try new things.

Before you know it, it's gangs of blitzed-eyed Makos stuffing your Nan with cocaine, slamming her in the microwave for twenty minutes and chewing on her newly-irradiated thighs.

Boris Johnson's silence on this matter is notable.

Dammit, why is it always me who has to think ahead like this? I just hope you all appreciate it...


  1. Right now I'm a bit concerned about Crack Worrads.

    1. Really? In that case, could you get me some more? I won't let in fall into the fins of hammerheads, I swear.

  2. Mako sharks are on crack anyway. Seriously. The fuckers jump onto boats to sink them. Just think about that.

    1. Dear Christ-tied-to-a-roof-rack! This is actually WORSE than I'd thought!