Thursday, 10 November 2011

Interview: Interzone artist, Richard Wagner.

The title says it all really. This link will take you to the magical land that is Interzone's cyberface. Interzone, in case you're Lord Lucan, is a British SF/Fantasy fiction magazine that's been the critics' sugardaddy these last 25 years.

And the illustrations! Like OMG! Interzone is unsurpassed at artwork, not one fiction mag comes near it! Know why? Because they use titans like Wagner! That's why! And, while we're at it, Warwick Frasier-Coombe, whom I interviewed last year. Get on the Bus, dammit! What's your major malfunction, Private Pile?

No? Well then I'll tell you what it is: NOT subscribing to IZ! Go to it! Now!

One day soon you'll thank me.