Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Tales From The Night Shift: The Car Park Thieves

The human nervous system is a funny thing. Last night (4 AM-ish), as occasionally happens, some guys turned up in my hotel car park to break into vehicles and steal their contents.
My instant reaction is always one of sheer excitement, that 'the games afoot, Watson!' kick. I opened the door loudly and stepped out with my best 'tennis balls under the armpits' tough guy pose and stared at them. As always they froze (one of them ducking and hiding) and then returned to their van. 
The best bit is when they have no option but to drive right by me and I smile and look into their window and they try to hide their faces. Then I take down their number and they know it.

But after, once they've scarpered... I jump at every small sound outside, nervous as heck. 
Go figure.


  1. THat's the reason why i prefer Gatwick Parking in this regard!

    1. Oh, Steve, you spammy fellow. God I love you.

  2. Not only the human nervous system is a funny thing you are also chucklesome. Now you would say that i am a spam but seriously you are something damn sarcastic which made me to comment. Enjoyed reading your blog.

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  3. Ok, I've got the friggin' message. I'm going to buy a car, learn to drive and then park the bloody thing at Gawick. Are you all HAPPY now?!?!?!

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