Friday, 12 October 2012

Travelling Business Men and Nudity

I tell you what's vaguely weird- men showing other men pictures of naked women. Guests are always doing this to me where I work, presumably to make conversation (I think!). I'll be chatting with them, then all of a sudden, they'll whip out their smartphone and say 'Ere, look at this!' and I'm never sure how I'm meant to react. I can't really do that whole 'cor, blimey' thing, so end up giving a facial expression like they've shown me a photo of a BMW they're thinking of buying.

There's something bizarrely homoerotically-charged about the whole matter, what with them apparently trying to turn me on. I dunno. I feel bizzare just talking about it, really. Forget I mentioned it.


  1. Could be worse, they could be showing you a close-up picture of their sweaty cock and balls.

    1. They have to do that on arrival. Company policy.

    2. All in a day's work for...

      ...the night porter

    3. ANYTHING can be... arranged.

      (That's the tagline for the film. I see Clive Owen in the role.)

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