Sunday, 21 October 2012


Hang on...  That issue of The Sandman set in the French Revolution- It's been ages since I read it, but isn't Robespierre trying to get his hands on the living immortal head of Orpheus so as to destroy it? The reason being because he doesn't believe in gods and mythological beings and thinks all notion of them should be scrubbed from history? So WHY is he chasing something he doesn't believe in in the first place?

OK, so he's not exactly the most balanced of people, but he strikes me as an evidence-driven, accept the facts kinda guy. And, though he hasn't seen the thing at the start of the comic, he already perceives it as a threat to the revolution- one far more dangerous than that of a simple ancient antiquity (which French museums and collections were and are full of and all of which Robbo is conspicuously NOT chasing down).

Surely his acceptance of a talking demi-god fizzog would negate his Dawkins-meets-Stalin-at-an-angeldust-sniffing-party outlook on life before the story even begins?

If I ever meet Neil Gaiman I'm gonna bore him shitless with this one...

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