Saturday, 5 May 2012

And you thought Spool Pidgin was piss-poor blogging!

An almost hypnotically cringeworthy article from the Huffington post. Grace Ellen Jones--a good fashion expert, something she should have kept to--seemingly hasn't learned from The Wire's Omar Little when he famously said- 'You come at the King, you better not miss'. I don't think she even tried to aim.

If you're gonna (very publicly) critique one of the most undisputed pieces of science ever, at least have the decency to actually read about it, not listen to what you're pals are mumbling at weed parties.

Quote- 'we are not actually the apex of human evolution, as Darwin's linear theory would have us believe.' 

Evolutionary theory does NOT claim this, not even slightly. There is no 'apex', no 'pinnacle' to evolution.

Then there's a bit about Neanderthals being our direct ancestors (Not true), 'incontrovertible' evidence human civilization is older than science say it is (Why let carbon dating get in the way of things, eh?), the generous use of the words 'quantum' and 'consciousness' (Bullshit's 'Get out of Jail Free' cards) and, before you know it, the Mayans and their bleedin' calendar arrive.

Now I'm not having a go at her lack of credentials, not at all (I don't have any either regarding evolution, just a classics degree). But if I had to write a critique about Alexander McQueen I'd at least have the decency to read his Wikipedia article, wouldn't you? It'd be the sensible thing, not to mention that it might just prevent me showing my ass to the internet at large.

I guess it's the Huffington Post I'm mad at. They should be more responsible than this, or at least tell Jones to do more research. I hate to say this, but even The Sun or The Daily Mail wouldn't print this. Is The HP simply incompetent, or might it be that putting 'Darwin was Wrong' as a title guarantees loads of irate comments, in turn generating revenue from advertising?

Precisely why I'm venting here and not over there. Apologies...


  1. I got about half-way through, and now I want to punch something. There's some podgy teenagers in online gaming-land that will suffer needlessly thanks to this tripe- their virtual blood is on your hands Ellen Grace Jones.

    1. Ellen Grace Jones- History's greatest monster.