Friday, 24 April 2015

Our silence roars volumes.

Here's the Story of an all-female squad on a rescue mission, all under fire from ISIS.

 Increasingly, it's something that's confusing me: here's a left wing feminist volunteer army going up against a battle hardened, ludicrously misogynist and racist force (and winning) and yet none of the feminist leading lights on my Twitter feed ever mention it. Not a dicky bird. Sorry, but... I find that shameful.

Perhaps some of the reason is Western intervention in the area before, Bush/Blair etc. No one wants to be seen as pro-invasion, even after the fact. But I think that's a superficial connection at best.

 Or maybe our media has no interest in showing a different kind of Middle East, a socialist, feminist Mid-East. Doesn't fit the narrative.

I prefer to believe the latter, because the former seems facile at best.All we progressives, we toters of blogs and tumblrs and tweets can challenge that status quo, we can bring focus. A fourth wave feminism may well be rising from Sinjar's dust, from the will to face bullets for a principal, for the life and dignity of innocents.

These Kurdish women deserve our support and the mass focus of our voices. God knows, the vile bigotries of their enemies are pretty intersectional.