Monday, 16 March 2015

Self-Pitying Clickbait Machine

This, if you needed it, is a classic example of what a hideous Tory rag the Telegraph is. Blogger K Tempest Bradford suggested--merely suggested--to her readers that they spend a year actively reading SFF by non-white/non-male authors if they fancied a bit of a change. Or not; whatever floats your boat. A diversity in reading challenge. The Torygraph has misrepresented this as some furious crusade to stop you reading books by caucasians with tummy bananas. FOREVER. Absolute arse-twaddle of course.

Now, if Tempest had suggested a Support-General-Franco's-Fascist-Junta-Against-An-Elected-Government Challenge or a Write-A-Cringing-Puff-Piece-On-Mussolini's-Italy Challenge that would actually be cause for us all to get actually annoyed, eh Telegraph? Eh?

Telegraph Columnist Martin Daubney on his way to work this morning

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