Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Meet The Somalis

The one set in Leicester made me homesick for the city even though I'm currently sat in it (guess I've been on the web too long today). It also made me think about something in my pavement-using life that I mentally refer to as Munchkin Star Destroyers.

Leicester's dense population creates these large school-runs of several families moving together, with the more agitated kids at the front (making the star destroyers prow), the majority trudging along in a column (the hull) and the mothers at the rear, sometimes with prams, compelling the whole thing onwards like engines. You're best off crossing the road to let them all get by.

But they're a solid image of multiculturalism as you'll hope to find, people from so many different backgrounds brought together by the practical issue of shepherding kids where they don't want to go. It'd be nice if you saw it in the media more.


  1. It's heartening to know that when I'm a bewildered 60 year old I'll be fed into the soylent green machine by an ethnically diverse range of little gits.

    1. Yup, whichever way world politics twist--left or right--the bit where we're fed into the Soylent green is inevitable.
      It'd make everything seem a bit pointless if I thought about it too much. But that's the facts for you: best ignored.