Saturday, 9 November 2013

WFC 2013: Photo Scrap Book

Arrived at a nearby hotel to the World Fantasy Convention. Distinctly cramped compared to the official hotel but the gold embroidery was a nice touch.

Toilet came with analog guitar effects pedal.

Traditional stalkerish photo of Neil Gaiman.

On entering the con, my beard became victim of another steampunk drive-by (or 'wax-by').
This, non-con going readers please note, is what we call a panel (though, given the imposing backdrop and lighting, one might mistake it to be a photo of some quasi-fascist political endeavor in its early, hall-renting days). This was a very engaging panel about Fae/ Faeries/ Faerae/ Faye (Dunaway) and included authors Graham Joyce, Tanith Lee and Joanne Harris who...

...discharged a flare gun into this man's cake hole! He saw the funny side. That said, he was arguably already dead by the time I took this photo.

Nope. Still not a clue what's going on here. Brighton's an abstract place.
I ask fantasy author Anne Lyle to pass me the last glass of wine.
I'm a BBC Radio 4 nut, so imagine my delight on bumping into The Now show's Mitch Benn! He looks different in real life, ie: visible.
A long table full of fine plonk at the Gollancz publisher's party. Remember:  E-book piracy is killing the publishing trade.

A tradition old as the first British convention of 1938:  People standing in corners of the hotel impersonating Iggy Pop. Harlan Ellison was due to be this year's 'Pop of Honor' but had to pull out a week before due to groping commitments. He was, however, thoughtful enough to send a video of himself smearing peanut butter onto his chest whilst howling.

Delighted to see Graham Joyce win the best novel award. Go Leicester!!! Boy done us proud, me'duck...
"Anyone got a nail file? Need to get the name off this here award..."

"Sod it, I'll have two!" (On a more serious note, I had to fight back a powerful urge to do a Pat Butcher from Eastenders impersonation with these. The judges--pictured behind me--were mainly American and might have been confused had I'd held the awards to my earlobes and shouted "Frank! Fraaank!")

Author Adrian Tchaikovsky in a moment of reverie.

On her blog, A Frugal Wench, Donna Scott claims our conversation at the Tor publishers party was 'squiffy'. I cannot deny this.

Paul Cornell and Francis Hardinge

Burt Reynolds and Sally Field on the set of Smokey & The Bandit II
My notebook self-destructs on the last evening. Oh, the symbolism!


  1. That was very thoughtful of you to strategically camouflage Iggy Pop's umbilical hernia with good luck fingers.
    Incidentally, Iggy is best known for his car insurance ads, even though he'd built his pop career largely by claiming, "I am the passenger." Perhaps he had a lucrative sideline as an eye-witness in dodgy claims.

    1. They were the fingers of some chancing passerby, most likely Iggy himself trying to cramp the new guy's style.