Sunday, 3 February 2013

The Fight Against Vox Day: A Report From The Front

To the front they come. From the fields of literary spec-fic, from the factory floors of popular genre and the shop fronts of self-publishing. All of them united in their resolve to crush Vox Day and his online Jackboot-Johnnies.

Valiant fighters of The SFF Chronicles Forums Volunteers, 14th Division

"No, Mr Day," they say, these comrades in laptop and pen, "your machinations to become dictator of science fiction and fantasy shall not go unchecked. We draw a line here in the touchscreen sand."

This reporter can tell you that determination and solidarity are the watchwords here in the Twitter trenches. A profound sense of purpose imbues each man and woman as they prepare for the offensive (especially women, for 'Pox Day' would have them voiceless and churning out wereseal novels, such is his lily-livered and putrid 'Alpha Game').

Vox Day mistook us for 'Rabbit People', sending his running dog fifth columnist trolls into our innocent forums and comment rolls, but a brilliant counter-punch--masterminded by Field Marshall Elect Jonathan Scalzi--has left his lie-spewing mouth listing and silent.

Not for 'John' Scalzi to laze in a mansion sipping cognac whilst cajoling fascist troops unto LOL-soaked death! I can vouch that, only yesterday, I saw him come to the front with General James C. Hines.

There, to much cheering, the 'Old Man Warrior' saluted our efforts, handing out cigarettes, churitos and a cat with bacon taped to its flank. Before anyone knew, Scalzi had rolled up his sleeves to help muck out the cyber-latrines. All are equal here; can Mr Day's servile bullies say as much for their 'Great Leader'?

In this atmosphere of unquestioned siblinghood, it is surely inevitable the forces of decency and fair play shall win. But every person is needed, from Hugo award winner to humble SF/F fan. Will YOU stand idly by whilst the dogma of racist sexist dipshittery threatens our very freedoms?



  1. OK, what I'm basically saying is don't vote for that utter shitehawk as SFWA President.

  2. Wow I was completely unaware of this particular shit. It's like past twenty years never happened for this man. He makes me think of the nineties and Nietzsche.
    Now I just need to work out why Nietzsche and the nineties are so closely linked in my brain. Thoughts?

    1. I tell you what kinda nineties prick he is. He's the sort of nineties prick who wears a Faith No More sleeveless T-shirt in rock clubs, predating on 16-year old goth girls, hinting that he may have some chaos magic powers he can teach them.

      He'll also have some vague Celtic 'roots' and have a crappy kilt that he wheels out for weddings that is 'the clan tartan' of his some-shit-or-other.

      He was once the singer in a band, but they only knew three songs and two of them were Pearl Jam's. He'd leap around on stage, moving like Eddie Vedder in his head. Everyone watching thought he looked like Frank Spencer trapped in a ceaseless orgasm.

      He has a six string bass.

      I'm sure I'll think of other ways Vox Day is a nineties-Nietzsche-prick but I'll update as I think of them.

    2. If you, dear Pidgin readers, can think of more ways Vox Day is like a proper nineties prick please feel free to leave them in the comments.

  3. Debate Vox Day on any of his assertions that lead you to feel he is from the nineties, and he will wipe the floor with you. Or you could just continue to snipe, like some cowardly dick, from the shadows.

    1. Well of course he'd beat me in a debate- he's got every episode of Ally McBeale recorded on VHS.

      (And JJ; guess you're still dressing like that bloke from The Spin Doctors, huh?)

  4. Surely this guy doesn't have any chance of winning the SWFA presidency? I think this is a setup. When it comes to the run-off we're going to find that the two candidates are him and Requires Hate. It's that old trick "Yeah, our guy's a monster, BUT THE OTHER GUY'S WORSE!"

    Where's Kang and Kodos when you need them? I'd rather vote for them. At least they have tentacles.

    1. Worse: Vox and Hate both get minority cuts of the vote and then reveal themselves to be one and the same person...

    2. Actually, I daydream about Vox Day and Requires Hate doing a duet of Elton and Kiki's 'Nobody Knows It' at the Hugo Awards. I've made little sparkly costumes and everything...