Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Dick jokes, Jim? You ARE a dick joke!

Every now and then the internet has a way of making you realize you're actually a total bloody bigoted tit. Someone on Twitter said they were never convinced by Lana Del Ray and I instantly replied 'But I had a wig and everything!' Yes, Jim, technically a solid, quick fire reversal gag shot off like a randomly appearing character in The Simpsons, but... my twitter feed has at least 4 trans people on it--real people with hopes and loves and feelings and everything, not characters from Mr's Brown's hideous embarrasment. This here caveman has to learn that that shit is through- I'm not at Wreake Valley college anymore, I'm in the middle of the entire world and there's a lot of minority people who've justifiably reached their limit. And anyway, I can still do dick jokes so it's not like I'm out of material.

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