Tuesday 18 September 2012

SF Author's Blog Reaches New Puerile Low

Eagle-eyed Pidgin reader (and occasional guest-poster) Dan Gilbert spotted an amusing graphic design error in this otherwise hardboiled Military SF-style image. Can YOU spot it?

It's actually for a site called ANALOG MEDIUM, but you might not guess that from the way the last two letters of Analog are obscured, eh readers? They seem a very talented bunch over at AM, so it would be crass to drag this slip-up out any further.

Giggling like a goblin from Labyrinth in a Japanese schoolgirl's dress, I asked Dan to mutilate said image for cheap laughs. The result was intriguing...

I think we have a new commercial brand image on our hands here; one sure to stand out from everything else on the Chemist's shelf.  

ANAL MED, with its no-nonsense title and lettering, its power-armored mascot wielding a futuristic (and arguably dystopian) applicator, is a product clearly aimed at the male 18-35 demographic. Hell, they could glue a free sample to the cover of Maxim or Men's Health. Better still, maybe some kind of tie-in with Baen Books or something. Voice-over by Michael Ironside, or possibly The Rock.

Actually, a part of me (the ugly, self-promoting part. All of me, then) is reminded of the adverts blaring out of the telly in my short story, Eye-High, which you might want to check out. It's better than my tenuous links at any rate.

                                                               *  *  *


Since this post (and subsequent controversy) went live, reactions have been flooding in.

The SF Blogging community's response was muted...


 Requires Hate retaliated by posting a cutting-edge LolCat...

While Captain Adama was intrigued...

No one could locate their trousers.

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