Wednesday 12 September 2012

Here's to The Daily Mail!

We all love The Daily Mail of course. I mean: just imagine a world without it! Unthinkable! Here's a couple of classic quotes from that wonderful paper that are sure to warm your heart-

"This country long shut its eyes to the magnificent work that the Fascist régime was doing. I have several times heard Mussolini himself express his gratitude to the Daily Mail as having been the first British newspaper to put his aims fairly before the world."

-Ward Price, Journalist, 1932

"In his own country (Mussolini) was the antidote to a deadly poison. For the rest of Europe he has been a tonic which has done to all incalculable good. I can claim with sincere satisfaction to have been the first man in a position of public influence to put Mussolini's splendid achievement in its right light. ... He is the greatest figure of our age."

-Lord Rothermere, Daily Mail owner, 1928, in a DM editorial.

Richard Littlejohn and Melanie Phillips, as you can see, are working in a fine tradition.

There is absolutely no doubt in my mind--none at all--that had the Nazis successfully invaded Britain, The Daily Mail would have fought them bitterly to the last man, both physically and in print and not, I dunno... fallen like a poodle to Hitler's feet, dobbed in fellow countrymen and ran headlines like 'ABOUT TIME TOO!' or 'NOW THE TRAINS WILL RUN ON TIME!' or some such.

Nope... no way...


  1. My favourite Daily Mailism was back when they ran hysterical articles on the dangers of peadophiles hiding in children's lunchboxes and so on, while simultaneously running a countdown on when the nation could legally drool over Charlotte Churche's arse and tits.

    1. 'Hey, look everyone- Ms Church is finally Wankceptable!' Yeah, I remember that one. Deeply f*ckin' disturbing. Imagine if the DM were handed the keys to the world, with no one to counter or criticize them. It'd make the last days of Rome look like Happy Days.

    2. So, in your opinion, which Emporer jumped the shark then?

    3. Ming the Merciless. Those collars just didn't suit Rome.