Tuesday 17 July 2012

Erm... yeah... about that last post...

Oh dear.

So there was a room party on the last night of Readercon and Kraken rum tastes like, and goes down as easily, as coke zero. Its victims were many and cheerful.

A friend of mine had an interesting theory. About unicorns. I vaguely recall we got quite emphatic about the notion in a tongue-in-cheek, drunk-as-gout-ridden-dukes kind of way.

''Man, I should blog this!'' I said ''The world has to know!'' Comfortable in the knowledge there was no wifi.

Oh, but there was. There's an app to make smartphones hotspots, you know. Technology; ain't it something?

''Hey, guys,'' I announced to the room, ''I'm gonna do my first drunk blog!''
Everyone liked the idea.

It began quite shakesperean (because, I think... no, I've no idea) and ended quite frank. I am sorry, dear readers, that I called you biggots for not paying due attention to mythical beasts' genetalia. The kraken spoke through me.

I won't blame anyone else in that room- the buck stops at my ass. But I won't delete that post either. No blogger should be as lame as that. Let's call it a sort of ill-chosen, stag night tattoo.

(Christ, I just hope Peter Beagle doesn't read it and think it's an obtuse criticism...)

Still... would have made for an interesting panel.

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  1. This is becoming a disturbingly popular post. So either y'all a schadenfreude-rocking bunch of ass-chowders or this Unicorn clit thing is actually a profound point. Either way, I'm laughing my eyelids off. Keep it up!