Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Mah Silver Machine! (Early impressions of my new Transformer Prime Tabtop)

Beautiful, just beautiful. Has to be the first android tablet to truly take iPad on in terms of aesthetics. It feels gorgeous, like a drone from Bank's culture novels. Not that I feel up many Culture Drones, mind...

The Prime unfurled: Aphrodite rising from the waves! The tablet can detach from the keyboard, of course, but in a really sturdy, simple way. Reading the screen is a delight. I'd like to say the lighter is there for size comparison but... well, it was just there.

Now to the meat of it, as far as all you writers are concerned. I LOVE this keyboard, though not everyone will agree. I tend to clunk keys with some viciousness and the Prime allows for that big style. So satisfying, that when I accidentally lost a word file I wasn't angry because it meant I'd get to type it out again! Some have complained the tablet is too heavy for the board but that hasn't been my experience. Ultimately, I'm looking forward to writing a novel on this thing. Yes, I AM that dickhead in Costa Coffee...

An actual size comparison: Prime vs Eee PC, the original netbook (A nice, reliable workhorse in itself, I might add). It should be immediately obvious the Prime is a little silver Natalie Portman of a pad. Piss off, Eee PC, you mean nothing to me now!


  1. It is so very, very lovely. Congratulations! You've made me want one.

    1. Then my work here is done.

    2. It's like living in a chrome-plated shiny backlit future, right up to the point some mono-browed Nike cap wearing scumbag robs it off you at knife-point, before returning it shortly afterward to break it over your head because the only game you can play on it is Gemcraft.

    3. If staving my skull in with the Prime would somehow let me play Battlestar online with it, I'd let him.

      That is one drawback. Hopefully some boffin at Asus will get wise to it.