Saturday, 24 March 2012

Story in Flurb!!!!

Here it be.

Editor Rudy Rucker calls my lil' effort 'a high speed freaks-meets-aliens blast'. Can't argue with that!

I'm really pleased with the results and no mistake. The lay out is easy on the eye and Rudy's accompanying photos paint a wonderful layer of non-sequiteury varnish.

I'm reading through the other author's stories too, and, to quote one romantic poet (Coleridge? Keats?) 'I feel like a peasant in a roomful of Dukes'. To have a tale comfortably ensconced in the same organ as one of Ian Watson and Roberto Quaglia's 'Beloved' stories is a true delight. And what's this? Mr Editor has one in there too. Someone order a boatload of squee?

In his editorial, Rudy says Flurb is about to cocoon itself and go into a strange metamorphosis to suit the social media times. I await with bated breath...

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