Tuesday, 4 October 2011

The Write Agenda- A hive of scum and vanity publishing.

Just bumped into this on John Scalzi's blog, where he goes into greater detail than me.

Basically, in response to SFWA's Writer Beware--which has had much success in identifying con artist 'publishers' etc--a bunch of con-artist publisher types have set up a website in an attempt to counter/ smear the good people at WB. The website is called The Write Agenda, who purport to be a group of concerned writers and publishers (though, curiously, they don't identify themselves).

I've visited and, I must say, it's a real Lionel Hutz operation. Flashing windows appear telling you you've won something, for crying out loud. Even when these guys are trying to come over professional and pro bono they can't help but try and mess around. The shill gene runs deep. The spelling is attrocious at times too.

There's even a page explaining why Yog's law (ie- 'money should always flow toward the writer') is a lie. There's even a flashy flow chart to 'prove' it.


The only good side is that for the scammers to try such a crazy gambit, Writer Beware must be choking their funds. And the writer community wising up...
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  1. Both sites are great- here's for why. I love picking over the grievances, accusatons and counter accusations of others. It's like being in a cafe while a soon to be ex-couple loudly perform a post-mortem of their relationship, only in this case I don't have to pay for coffee.
    Open both in two tabs and flick back and forth like a ghoulish gawker, it's great fun.

  2. Yes, it is an immensely popular pastime. I've often demanded we change the internet's name to 'the ghoul window' but, thus far, to no avail...