Friday, 10 May 2013


Hannibal's biggest enemy was his own nation. He was only ever a member of the super-rich Barca family and not the leader of Carthage itself. In a sense he was a sort of Bond villain, privately funding his own ingenious plan (Alps crossing + elephants = WTF?!?!) to bring Rome to heel. 
When the senators of Carthage found out H was on Italian soil they decided not to send help, for fear he would be successful and return with tyranny in mind.
 Flippin' norberts.
What exactly did they think the Romans--the ROMANS mind--would do next once they'd kicked Hannibal out of Italy?

"Oh, I reckon they won't do anything, probably put the whole matter down to experience and get on with their lives. Bunch of Dalai Lamas, the Romans...'

Pricks didn't deserve Hannibal Barca. Yes, I know, it's been 2 and a 1/2 millenia and I should let it go but...  


  1. You've been playing Rome:Total war again haven't you Jim?
    Carthage can lick my balls, it's a plague pit with a wall and race track (at least that's what my computer game education tells me). Can't wait to sack seven shades of shit out of it in the new game this year.

    1. 'Carthage can lick my balls' -Scipio Africanus

      You'll be laughing out the other side of your monitor when Zack Snyder turns the life of Hannibal into a sub-adequate over-CGIed summertime blockbuster.

    2. Ah shit I didn't think of that. I bet Michael Bay sticks his oar in as well.