Saturday, 30 June 2012

Apocalypse Cliche (A Flash Fiction)

         Apocalyptic Flash Fiction, #8,467
            James Worrad and Dan Gilbert

     The Man and the Woman stared through the plexi-glass in the bunker’s wall.  Outside, the mushroom cloud filled the horizon, blotting out the sun.
     No one else had made it to safety.
     ‘This is it, then,’the woman said.‘It finally happened.’
     ‘Guess so,’ said the man.
     The woman shivered.
     ‘I…’ She shook her head. ‘So… what’s your name?’
     ‘Adam,’ the man replied.‘Yours?’
     Eyes wide, she turned and looked at him.
     ‘Why… Eve,’ she said.
     Silent, they gazed at one another.
     The pair of them were torn in half.  The man and the woman’s bodies slapped onto the concrete floor.
     ‘Bernard,’ said a man with a smoking shotgun in his hands. 
He closed the hatchway behind him and started looking for supplies.  


(Originally appeared in The Speculator.)

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