Monday, 23 April 2012

Golden Eastercon Memories!!!

Eastercon! Home of the brash, outrageous and free! Plus those weird basin haircuts that 70's-era male fandom still display. Seriously, what the cock is that about? But I digress...

Immediately upon entering I made a (sexy) claim to the Game of Thrones throne...

...And succeeded in gaining only one follower.
Looked at some books and shit. Distinct lack of Katie Price. :(

G.R.R Martin's observational standup- 'You know that feeling when you've near-completed a bestselling fantasy epic and someone options a TV series? Man...'

Sank a few in the bar with Damien Walter & David Anthony Durham, the latter whom...
...dared me to pose behind Paul Cornell! I opted to rock a Henry Winkler vibe.
Incensed by my folly, Cornell's head grew to vast proportions. As you can see, Con-members tried to placate him with improvised line dancing, but failed (To be fair, they were naff). Paul Cornell's giant face destroyed the entire hotel!!!

Only a small child in a bag survived. The architect of a brand new fandom (a bit like the end of Silent Running... kind-of-thing...). Great weekend all round!


  1. Dude, YOU should have written the awards ceremony stand-up!

    1. I'd have offended everyone by making jokes that sexually objectified John Meaney. But thanks!

  2. I'd have thought you'd have stopped standing behind people in a way that makes it looks like your doing something they might object to if they found out about it after the incident with Pete during your days as a bassist in Beg To Differ. Instead you've upped your game, I applaud you sir.

    1. Today Paul Cornell, tommorrow the President!

      Indeed, I remember the day Pete stomped over to my house and- with a deadly serious look in his eyes--said; 'Tell me the truth- is it true that when we're on stage and I'm playing a solo, you sometimes stand behind and pretend to bum me?'

      I fell on the sofa, laughing and said- 'Dude, I've been doing it for four years. The crowd love it!'

      Great days...

    2. Somewhat politically incorrect, admittedly.Not cool. But these were the dark ages before I got on the net and cheap laughs kept local audiences from going to the barroom.