Saturday, 31 March 2012

Mieville's a bang-tidy gent!

At this point It's only fair I point out that the Mieville guest post of the other week (as some of you have wondered) may not have been... in a certain light... arguably distinct from... what people might call the 'real' China Mieville in the classical sense of the term.


However, the jokes on their smug-teethed faces because via a series of emails, telegrams and mandible gestures it has come to my attention that what we may call the 'actual' Mr Mieville has seen his guest post!

His reaction? 'Genuinely somewhat hilarious'.

What a dude! And very magnanimous, seeing as I had a boot fall on his face in this piece photojournalism. I doubt, say, Harlan Ellison, would have took my obscure gibberings so well.

So here's to China Miellville: a titan amongst contemporary writers. If you ain't checked out his strange and elegant work, DO SO NOW!

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