Monday, 23 May 2011

Triumph of the Willyhead.

How's this for an inauspicious start- On my ESTA (The Visa-thing one has to fill in to visit the US) I accidently ticked the box that asks if, between 1933-1945, I'd aided Nazi Germany or its allies in any persecutions.

Luckily, the website asked 'are you sure you want to press that?'. A good thing, for if the news is anything to go by, those Navy Seals aren't kind on the decor. I mean, its the Landlady's wallpaper but that's not the point...

ESTA also frowns on something called 'Moral Turpetude', but I'm alright on that score. I've got all the medical ointments I need.


  1. Welcome to the bloggosphere,dude. Glad your moral turpitude will be foisted on the gringos soon (we've suffered long enough).

  2. Viva Revolucion! (Just wish I could make one of those upsidedown exclamation marks, but, alas, my supply got seized at the border.)